Design archive for 2017-05-30

The “too aesthetic” smartphone?

(11 months ago)
The “too aesthetic” smartphone?Earlier today we were introduced to the Essential Phone. Andy Rubin departed from Google after having “made” Android, to work on this phone and things have...

Slouchy Storage

(11 months ago)
Slouchy StorageNow THIS is a great design. A perfect balance of form and function, the Roll-Up Bin is designed to meet a limitless number of storage needs...


(11 months ago)
“Eye”tanium!It’s no secret that we’re a pretty big fan of titanium. We love its classier-than-steel finish, and we can’t stop talking about its weight to strength...

Wearable Tech for Fallers

(11 months ago)
Wearable Tech for FallersWe laugh at the phrase “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” but it’s a serious reality for the elderly and their loved ones. Currently, to...

Furniture hidden in a book!

(11 months ago)
Furniture hidden in a book!When I say “Furniture in a book”, your mind would probably think that the book in question was about furniture. However, Bookniture is way more literal...

The most expensive car you “can’t” buy

(11 months ago)
The most expensive car you “can’t” buyNot all of us are rich enough to have a Rolls Royce automobile parked in our garage… but this stunner of a car isn’t for sale....