Design archive for 2017-06-05

Apple’s tune-busting Fabergé Egg

(3 years ago)
Apple’s tune-busting Fabergé EggEnd-February 2017, Apple finally addresses its most visually controversial product from 2013, the Mac Pro, also dubbed as the ‘dustbin shaped Mac’. Jump to 3 months...

The Camera of Theseus

(3 years ago)
The Camera of TheseusYes, that’s right, design got hit by philosophy! Anyway, as the story goes, the ship of Theseus involves a ship that degraded with time, so each...

One Chic Hydration Station

(3 years ago)
One Chic Hydration StationThe latest in Art Lebedev Studio’s line of lux hydration stations, the Fontanus-1 is one part art and one part water fountain! The sculptural solution is...

The Sleekest Speaker Ever Built

(3 years ago)
The Sleekest Speaker Ever BuiltThere are two things that big electronics companies see as barriers that prevent them from creating razor thin products. Let’s take smartphones for instance. The headphone...

The Stair Chair

(3 years ago)
The Stair ChairWheelchair Q5 is a mobility solution the disabled community has been waiting for. When the wheelchair operator is faced with stairs, hills or other uneven surfaces,...

The Kitchen Smell Killer

(3 years ago)
The Kitchen Smell KillerIn Swedish, “Belyse” means “to enlighten” and the Belyse Air Solution aims to do just that in your kitchen and other living spaces. This minimalist lighting...