Design archive for 2017-06-06

The best way to Netflix and Chill

(3 years ago)
The best way to Netflix and ChillThis little cube is the smallest 720p laser projector in the world! It sits right in your hand, giving you the feeling of wielding something rather...

Do these knives look familiar??

(3 years ago)
Do these knives look familiar??Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes of itself, the Creek Cutler knives rise from the ashes of workshop tools, retaining the soul of a...

You Don’t Need Airpods to Go Wireless

(3 years ago)
You Don’t Need Airpods to Go WirelessI have an entire box of broken earphones. Cords frayed, jacks bent, earpieces come undone. While I love the 3.5mm jack dearly, it’s no fable that...

Finally, a Pretty Projector

(3 years ago)
Finally, a Pretty ProjectorU-G-L-Y, projectors ain’t got no alibi! Seriously, if you’ve ever shopped around for one, you know the options look like something straight out of that Short...

The Ultimate Appliance to Kick Off Your Day

(3 years ago)
The Ultimate Appliance to Kick Off Your DayWhat two little breakfast items require their own big specialized appliances?! If you guessed coffee and toast, you’re right. Designed with this in mind, Morning Touch...

Who said wrenches were perfect?

(3 years ago)
Who said wrenches were perfect?Rarely can you say that your wrench is an iF Product Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award winning piece of equipment. However the Bionic...