Design archive for 2017-06-08

Lyft reinvents the taxi-light!

(11 months ago)
Lyft reinvents the taxi-light!Gone are the days of the pink glow-stache! The Amp ushers in a new age for the ever-expanding ride-sharing organization. It sits elegantly on the dashboard...

The best travel accessory doesn’t exist…yet

(11 months ago)
The best travel accessory doesn’t exist…yetHere’s a traveling woe I faced while I was outside the country. Not knowing what the foreign country’s climate was like, I decided to take a...

A Cooling Second Skin

(11 months ago)
A Cooling Second SkinFor any athlete, icing is a crucial therapy for acute injuries and recovery from intense performance. The Hail Ice Pack offers an alternative to messy, less...

The Stronger-than-steel Wallet

(11 months ago)
The Stronger-than-steel WalletJust as secure as you want your payments to be, the Arceo Wallet doesn’t fold, or even bend for that matter! Completely CNC machined out of...

Charging with Snow

(11 months ago)
Charging with SnowSnow Energy is a 100% sustainable lamp and a smart phone charger that you can take just about anywhere but especially in cold places! The design...

Turn your wheels into headlights!

(11 months ago)
Turn your wheels into headlights!The entire concept of the Revolights sounds fascinating. A headlamp, and a tail-lamp, within the wheel of your bicycle itself! How it works is even more...