Design archive for 2017-06-13

Hurry! Here are our Top 11 Father’s Day gifts!

(3 years ago)
Hurry! Here are our Top 11 Father’s Day gifts!With just 5 days to go till father’s day (mark your calendars for the 18th if you haven’t), here’s a re-look at a carefully curated list...

Can a phone-case save your life?

(3 years ago)
Can a phone-case save your life?The short answer is… yes it can. The long answer is, while phone cases don’t do much except for accident-proofing your gadget, or occasionally giving it...

Portable Audio in 360°

(3 years ago)
Portable Audio in 360°The donut shape of the ORION360 speaker isn’t only adorable, it’s also highly functional, providing 360 degrees of high definition audio you can take anywhere! Free...

This E-skateboard Has Machine Learning!

(3 years ago)
This E-skateboard Has Machine Learning!Machine learning AI has a long way to go till you see it completely integrated into your car. You see, cars have a years-long production process...

Immersive Fashion for the Mind

(3 years ago)
Immersive Fashion for the MindAptly named Cocoon, this clever wearable aims to put you in your own personal retreat, even if only for a moment. Designed for those who crave...

A Personal Trainer on Your Wrist

(3 years ago)
A Personal Trainer on Your WristCurrent fitness bands are limited to tracking your heart rate, steps and maybe your swim strokes if you get a fancy one. They offer a great...