Design archive for 2017-06-14

A chair designed to surprise you

(3 years ago)
A chair designed to surprise youNice looking chair, right? Reminds me of the Solid Gray Hardshell Backpack, if I’m being honest. However the incredible thing about the chair isn’t its edgy,...

Move Over, Moog

(3 years ago)
Move Over, MoogWhen we imagine synthesizers, we often picture big, bulky equipment like the massive Moog. The Piino explores a more compact form that allows musicians to capture...

Barbecue in a briefcase

(3 years ago)
Barbecue in a briefcaseStrictly in terms of size, the BBQ Suitcase by Kikkerland is no larger than an iPad Pro, if you were to factor in the thickness, I’d...

Brain Games for Dogs!

(3 years ago)
Brain Games for Dogs!Developed by dog-loving neuroscientists, the CleverPet Hub is an interactive puzzle feeder for your pup! It works by rewarding pets in the form of kibble treats...

Roads Not Required

(3 years ago)
Roads Not RequiredHOLY MAN-GROWL! This is what happens when a tank and an ATV have a baby. Introducing, the Tinger Track C500. This ironclad bad boy might be...

This Wallpaper can tell bedtime stories!

(3 years ago)
This Wallpaper can tell bedtime stories!They say walls have ears, well these walls don’t but they do have the ability tell wonderful bedtime stories to your children! Designed for French DIY...