Design archive for 2017-06-19

A light that senses when you’re reading

(3 years ago)
A light that senses when you’re readingThink about it. You’re tucked in bed and you just want to get through a couple of chapters of that gripping book you’re reading. You lift...

The Microscope is Making a Comeback

(3 years ago)
The Microscope is Making a ComebackIn the past, a microscope might have been an awesome and exciting gift for kids… but now, search engines have replaced hands-on exploration. Designed with this...

For the Wanderlust of the waters!

(3 years ago)
For the Wanderlust of the waters!This is literally the closest think you can get to living in a yellow submarine! The Zayak is a flotation device that provides a clear window...

The Best Way to Rise-and-Shine

(3 years ago)
The Best Way to Rise-and-ShineThere was a day when all we humans needed to wake up was a rising sun and chirping birds… at the same time, all we needed...

A Leica for Life

(3 years ago)
A Leica for LifeBy the time you reach the register to pay for your new camera, chances are that something new and better was just released! The market is...