Design archive for 2017-06-26

The Automotive Automatic Crossover!

(3 years ago)
The Automotive Automatic Crossover!What do you do with a spare BMW M52 straight-six engine? Restore it to go back into the car? Or to make it probably the most...

The Fitness Tracker for Your Mind

(3 years ago)
The Fitness Tracker for Your MindSpire is the latest trend in wearable tech and it’s focused on focus! Unlike most fitness trackers which only track step goals, Spire aims to enhance...

The Touch-less Thermometer

(3 years ago)
The Touch-less ThermometerGone are the days of sticking an awkward, pointy thermometer under your tongue for 60 seconds! Introducing, Thermo – the Smart Temporal Thermometer! In just 2...

When Furniture, Origami, and Ergonomics combine!

(3 years ago)
When Furniture, Origami, and Ergonomics combine!We enjoy seeing how far a designer can push furniture to be portable and innovative at the same time. In a way, the Flux Chair is...

Communal Cooking

(3 years ago)
Communal CookingSince the days of the cavemen sitting roasting around a fire, there’s nothing like food to bring people together! Perhaps our appliances should be built around...