Design archive for 2017-07-13

Aston Martin’s Barely-Legal Sportscar

(3 years ago)
Aston Martin’s Barely-Legal SportscarWhat do you call a car with 1130 horsepower? A Formula 1 car? Nope, you call it the Aston Martin Valkyrie. This monster of an automobile...

The idyllic ‘cabin in the woods’

(3 years ago)
The idyllic ‘cabin in the woods’A perfect fit amidst Poland’s green terrain is this house, commissioned for a single family, designed by Kartik Reddy. Paying tribute and respect to the greenery,...

More than just firepower

(3 years ago)
More than just firepowerInstead of having a firestarting flint strapped to your multitool, why not add a multitool to your lighter? The LighterBro (as millennial as that name sounds)...

Technology Detox

(3 years ago)
Technology DetoxThe Mindfulness Phone is the latest in a trend of devices that aim to get people’s faces out of their phones! Composed of just a standard...

There’s a good boy!

(3 years ago)
There’s a good boy!As much as you love your pet dog, it loves you volumes more, and dogs can literally have nervous breakdowns or depression-swings when not around their...