Design archive for 2017-07-21

Putting the Yum in Museum!

(3 years ago)
Putting the Yum in Museum!It would be much too literal to shape a chocolate museum like actual chocolate, wouldn’t it? So designer Ricardo Canton decided to capture the allure and...

Mesmerizing Illumination

(3 years ago)
Mesmerizing IlluminationParabola Paradiso is an experimental lighting collection that utilizes an unusual material blend and process to form captivating, sculptural objects. Hand-woven carbon fiber strings were weighted...

Adding sound effects to your life!

(3 years ago)
Adding sound effects to your life!The more I think about it, I would have loved to have the Moff band as a child, and it would have probably driven my parents...

Epinephrine Injection Has Never Been So Easy

(3 years ago)
Epinephrine Injection Has Never Been So EasyTime is of the essence when it comes to treating anaphylaxis, so it only makes sense that the standard EpiPen would be as simple to use...

The perfect rep’lace’ment!

(3 years ago)
The perfect rep’lace’ment!Alas, the bunny-rabbit shoelace story is no more! Remember the story we’d say to remind ourselves how to tie those laces in the bunny rabbit style?...

Find me a sleeker speaker

(3 years ago)
Find me a sleeker speakerTitled the LG Beats Tag (obviously it’s a concept, given the clash of brands), these may just be some of the thinnest portable speakers we’ve seen....