Design archive for 2017-07-26

What we know about the iPhone 8

(3 years ago)
What we know about the iPhone 8Let’s do a rumor recap for the iPhone 8. Unlike some people speculated, it obviously isn’t transparent. It still has no headphone jack (sad-face), and like...

An F1 Drivers Guarding Angel

(3 years ago)
An F1 Drivers Guarding AngelIs the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile ever going to make up its mind?! First it was out with the Halo and in with the Shield. Now...

Keyboard for the key-god

(3 years ago)
Keyboard for the key-godI have more respect for Razer than I do for Apple because they never put their personal agenda on a higher priority than that of their...

Power Up Just for Apple Fanboys!

(3 years ago)
Power Up Just for Apple Fanboys!If you have an Apple Watch, you almost certainly have an iPhone if not an iPad as well! So why not simplify your remote charging with...

Take your VR to-go!

(3 years ago)
Take your VR to-go!About the size of a sunglasses case, Moggles are an innovative twist on the VR headset that collapse and expand so you can take them anywhere!...

Your handheld tool-shed

(3 years ago)
Your handheld tool-shedIn what would normally be the size footprint of a flashlight, the Kelvin 36 Ultra Urban Multi Tool cleverly organizes 36 tools (including said flashlight). I...