Design archive for 2017-08-09

Alexa, refined.

(3 years ago)
Alexa, refined.If your Alexa device looks a little too gadgety for your taste, you might like O-JIA. The Alexa-compatable series features 3 distinct shapes and sizes designed...

Behold the Biodegradable Barbecue!

(3 years ago)
Behold the Biodegradable Barbecue!For the most natural and earth-friendly barbecuing experience, the team behind the CasusGrill developed a grill in a box that could be easily be disposed of...

Pods for Privacy

(3 years ago)
Pods for PrivacyThe land line phone might be outmode, but the phone booth isn’t! Loop is a modern interpretation of one, but it’s not made for sidewalks. Its...

Watch Made from Society’s Building Blocks!

(3 years ago)
Watch Made from Society’s Building Blocks!As most watches strive to innovate and position themselves as new and unique, they all usually follow the same template. Stainless Steel body, curved Sapphire glass,...

The Front-and-Center Fridge

(3 years ago)
The Front-and-Center FridgeYou wouldn’t dare to put a fridge smack dab in the middle of your living room, right?! Wrong! You just might if you had the OOINO...

A Minimalist, Perfectionist wallet-sleeve

(3 years ago)
A Minimalist, Perfectionist wallet-sleeveBinding together the two most important things you place in your pockets, the Mujjo Wallet Sleeve holds your phone as well as your cards/cash in a...