Design archive for 2017-08-15

A Whole Lot of Light

(3 years ago)
A Whole Lot of LightThe latest in Studio Beam’s lux D-light collection, the Quattro pendant is a substantial addition to any workstation, kitchen or other commercial space. With its metal...

Kitchen Tools that Never Die

(3 years ago)
Kitchen Tools that Never DieWhat’s great about titanium is that it’s abundant, light-weight, anti-corrosive, and pretty much indestructible. What’s a little perplexing however is that using titanium for just making...

Bring Back Memories. Not Sand.

(3 years ago)
Bring Back Memories. Not Sand.Ever gone to the beach only to carry half your weight in sand back with you? Beach bags are rather handy and convenient, however, they really...

Normalizing Nutritional Support

(3 years ago)
Normalizing Nutritional SupportTube-feeding or nutritional support is a therapy for people who are unable get enough nutrition by eating or drinking. As if that’s not awful enough, the...

Alladin’s Magic (self-rolling) Yoga Carpet

(3 years ago)
Alladin’s Magic (self-rolling) Yoga CarpetThis Yoga mat renders the popular catchphrase “they see me rollin” obsolete. Designed with technology borrowed and refined from a child’s slap-on wrist band, the YoYo...