Design archive for 2017-08-18

See you later, Waiter!

(11 months ago)
See you later, Waiter!With the rising trend of automated restaurants where people literally have to interact with no one, comes the need to have technology and design back that...

BMW Z4 – A sinewy beast

(11 months ago)
BMW Z4 – A sinewy beastWhile we were ogling at dragons on popular TV shows, the people at BMW built their own beast. The Z4 Roadster concept, launched only yesterday at...

Catch Those Fitness Feels!

(11 months ago)
Catch Those Fitness Feels!It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness newbie or seasoned gym rat, brand new exercises can be as ineffective as they are intimidating until you learn...

The Dyson of Drones

(11 months ago)
The Dyson of DronesThe Bladeless Drone is aptly named for its brilliant design that ditches dangerous blades for air ducts. The resulting unit is not only safer but so...

The cup that turns water magically into juice!

(11 months ago)
The cup that turns water magically into juice!Have you ever tried that trick where you shut your eyes and nose and you eat a spoonful of food and you legit can’t figure out...

Wearable/Jewelry for the visually impaired!

(11 months ago)
Wearable/Jewelry for the visually impaired!Designed cleverly to look like fashion accessories, the Maptic (Map + Haptic) is in reality a device that enables its wearer to make a mental map...