Design archive for 2017-08-21

Brew your coffee at the micron-level!

(3 years ago)
Brew your coffee at the micron-level!Many have tried to perfect the grinder. Kruve perfected the grind. It makes sense, that instead of refining a process, or developing new products that do...

A Hammer-inspired dryer for those ‘bangs’!

(3 years ago)
A Hammer-inspired dryer for those ‘bangs’!While hammers and hair-dryers have virtually nothing in common apart from being hand-held, it’s an interesting exercise to borrow an idea from one and implement it...

The Designer’s Bible gets a Reprint!

(3 years ago)
The Designer’s Bible gets a Reprint!A majority of the occupations we humans carry out are human-centric… and almost everything designers do revolves around human interaction and emotion; and while most products...

If Elvis Were a Motorcycle

(3 years ago)
If Elvis Were a MotorcycleMind the title… but that’s all I can see when I look at this custom BMW build by Kingston Custom. It’s like Elvis’ white, bedazzled jumpsuit...

A Tailless Toothbrush

(3 years ago)
A Tailless ToothbrushNotice anything different about this toothbrush setup?! Hint: it’s not about what you see… it’s about what you don’t. This smart twist on the electric toothbrush...