Design archive for 2017-08-23

Snack in the box!

(3 years ago)
Snack in the box!Sugar, Entertainment, and a little bit of technology, all combine to become the child’s latest addiction with Hershey’s Magic Box. The packaging models itself on a...

A Handy Pen for the Hands-on Lifestyle

(3 years ago)
A Handy Pen for the Hands-on LifestylePut your fingers together as if you’re holding an imaginary pen and observe the negative space. It’s triangular. However most pens are circular. Triangular pens feel...

Spherical Sound Sculptures

(3 years ago)
Spherical Sound SculpturesThe Section portable speaker is Studio Phase’ exploration into the equal balance of function and form. Its function lies in the physical division of an object...

Easier O2 Anywhere

(3 years ago)
Easier O2 AnywhereAs the medical oxygen industry evolves, so lessens the need for lugging around giant tanks. These days, oxygen concentrators are able to ease the 24/7 need...

A Dash-cam for the adrenaline-junkie!

(3 years ago)
A Dash-cam for the adrenaline-junkie!No sir, this camera wasn’t designed for capturing hit-and-runs, or cars in front of you breaking a red light or stop sign. The Horizon was built...