Design archive for 2017-08-29

The Table-loving Cable

(3 years ago)
The Table-loving CableHow many times have you unplugged your phone’s charging cable, only to have it sliding off your desk and then onto the floor? It happens with...

An Alluring Luring Apparatus

(3 years ago)
An Alluring Luring ApparatusMeant not just for fish alone, the Mondo Fly Fishing Rod is designed to charm humans into approaching it too! These high performance rods were built...

Glassware Over the Rainbow

(3 years ago)
Glassware Over the RainbowAt first glance, this might look like your average glassware, but set it in sunlight and you’ll reveal something special. Its 45 degree sloping bottom divides...

Levitating Plant Pods with a Surprise

(3 years ago)
Levitating Plant Pods with a SurpriseDesigned for placement in public spaces, the Biome system introduces an entirely new way for urban dwellers to interact with the environment. The sculptural units use...