Design archive for 2017-09-07

The iPhone 7 – Jack is back!

(2 weeks ago)
The iPhone 7 – Jack is back!It’s effectively been a year since Apple killed the headphone jack… and this year something big is on its way. No it isn’t the iPhone 8....

Artistic Bluetooth Audio

(2 weeks ago)
Artistic Bluetooth AudioThis design, called Synth, looks more sculpture than speaker and that’s precisely its appeal. Until we get our hands on one we really can’t remark on...

Betty churned some butter

(2 weeks ago)
Betty churned some butterWhile you’re busy learning to make your own almond milk and pistachio milk and whatnot (thanks Buzzfeed), why not make yourself some homemade butter too? Kilner’s...

A Beautiful Watch for your Inner Brutalist

(2 weeks ago)
A Beautiful Watch for your Inner BrutalistUPDATE: less than 24 hours left on their campaign! As most watches strive to innovate and position themselves as new and unique, they all usually follow...

A New Supercar with Lamborghini Guts!

(2 weeks ago)
A New Supercar with Lamborghini Guts!Ken Okuyama, father of the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte, has just unveiled his latest work – a retro-futuristic supercar with Lambo-blood! A follow-up to the...

Honey, Fender shrunk the Amplifier!

(2 weeks ago)
Honey, Fender shrunk the Amplifier!Fender, arguably the world’s most famous guitar and amplifier manufacturing brand, whose guitars have been the preferred weapons of choice for legends like Jeff Beck, Jimi...