Design archive for 2017-09-15

Floss like a boss!

(3 years ago)
Floss like a boss!Ever been to a job interview only to realize later that you had some rye or a spinach leaf, or something unsightly from your lunch stuck...

Easy Analog at Night

(3 years ago)
Easy Analog at NightLove the look of your analog watch but can’t read the time at night? Try the Eclipse watch! Other designs are often only equipped with a...

The Thirst is Real!

(3 years ago)
The Thirst is Real!What do you know about water? How much should you consume? What does a lack of it cause? Considering that it makes up about 60% of...

Solar Eclipse in your Living Room!

(3 years ago)
Solar Eclipse in your Living Room!The next total solar eclipse will be visible to central and north-eastern America in April 2024. Or it could appear in your living room every day...

Perfectly Proportioned Cups and Kettles

(3 years ago)
Perfectly Proportioned Cups and KettlesThe latest from Tea Shop, the Warmup collection consists of a cup, saucer, kettle, and infuser designed with fine copper details that are as functional as...

The chair that makes you live longer

(3 years ago)
The chair that makes you live longerHugging for even 20 seconds a day can make you live longer, say the researchers at the University of North Carolina. It absolutely makes sense. Hugging...