Design archive for 2017-09-18

A personalized, palm-sized drum-kit!

(3 years ago)
A personalized, palm-sized drum-kit!While there are quite a few MIDI keypads that allow you to digitally assign custom sounds to each key, Drummy makes things more hands on, analog,...

Low-res Never Looked So Good!

(3 years ago)
Low-res Never Looked So Good!Hi-def in sound and low-res in construction, Resonance speakers are an exploration into the FDM 3d printing process. The process has historically been limited to rough...

When Retina and Retro Combine!

(3 years ago)
When Retina and Retro Combine!It’s lovely when new products pay homage to their predecessors. Take for instance the Elago W3 watch dock that makes the Apple watch look like a...

Blowout and Inhale

(3 years ago)
Blowout and InhaleThis design aims to help you smell as delicious as you’ll look after using it! It’s called the Delicious Dryer and while it’s colored like cotton...