Design archive for 2017-09-21

MIT’s truly wireless charger!

(3 years ago)
MIT’s truly wireless charger!No. Wireless charging isn’t great. I’ll tell you why. Because you need to rest your phone on the charging plate at all times! That’s so limiting...

Furniture That’ll Hurt Your Feelings

(3 years ago)
Furniture That’ll Hurt Your FeelingsThis collection of satirical seating is sure to give you the giggles! They’re aptly named ‘Uncomfortable Chairs’ and each has been modified to bring you back...

Home Is Where The Car Is

(3 years ago)
Home Is Where The Car IsThe SYMBIOZ is like nothing we’ve seen before. The idea of combining transportation and living spaces seems like something absurd to fathom. Toying with this idea,...

Messy Eaters get a Seat at the Table too

(3 years ago)
Messy Eaters get a Seat at the Table tooThe words ‘pop-up’ and ‘booster’ have never been used in the same sentence before. Until now. The pop-up booster for Bombol is the first fold and...

The Power of Rhythm

(3 years ago)
The Power of RhythmStudying rhythm is beneficial to us in a variety of ways which we don’t even notice. It creates more neuron connections, improves our moods, and trains...

Eastern Western Cutlery!

(3 years ago)
Eastern Western Cutlery!A great product experience is usually a result of two things. A great concept, and great execution. That’s what Lekue’s Twin One cutlery set is. The...