Design archive for 2017-09-22

What must a bike look like?

(3 years ago)
What must a bike look like?If you really think about it, what must a bike really look like? Why must its shape be in a particular fashion, with a separate fuel-tank,...

Minimalist Modular Light Art

(3 years ago)
Minimalist Modular Light ArtThe 2017 Red Dot Award Winning Vector Light is a modular system of sculptural units that create intriguing shapes and patterns against any surface in addition...

Don’t Waste Time Tracking your Time

(3 years ago)
Don’t Waste Time Tracking your TimeThe timesheet. Ah… the bane of every office-goer’s existence. Having to fill up logs showing how much time you devoted to each activity of the day....

Retro Feel, Future Appeal

(3 years ago)
Retro Feel, Future AppealIt appears to be a growing trend that concept cars need to look edgy, sharp and something so unfamiliar that it evokes nothing but “ooh”s and...

Uke’n Do It!

(3 years ago)
Uke’n Do It!I can’t even count how many friends have come home from Hawaii with a ukulele, touting they’re determination to learn how to play! Maybe it’s the...

The Hydration Notification Bottle!

(3 years ago)
The Hydration Notification Bottle!My father’s solution to pretty much any ailment is water. From skin problems, to constipation, to dehydration (obviously), he says there’s nothing a nice glass of...