Design archive for 2017-09-27

Hot Flashes Are No Match For Cool Tech

(2 weeks ago)
Hot Flashes Are No Match For Cool TechGrace is the latest in wearable tech that explores how the trend might combat undated menopausal hot flashes. During a hot flash, the thermoregulatory system is...

A Camera that’s Out of this World

(2 weeks ago)
A Camera that’s Out of this WorldThe 1-Ring Moon Levitating Smart Camera is like something out of this world – something like a moon perhaps? This smart camera defies the law of...

McLaren’s Formula for Safety

(2 weeks ago)
McLaren’s Formula for SafetyMcLaren has just developed a carbon fiber chest shield made from F1 racing car components. The high-speed giant of car racing has developed a personalized healthcare...

Better Air Means Better Business

(2 weeks ago)
Better Air Means Better BusinessYou make choices about the restaurants, bars or stores you visit based on their locale. I mean, everybody wants to end up in a good neighborhood...

A Dream Come True

(2 weeks ago)
A Dream Come TrueSay goodbye to those sleepless nights with the LOATM Bi-Flex CPAP Mask by HSD Ventures. Unlike the many sleep apnea masks which involve tubing protruding from...