Design archive for 2017-09-29

The Magic of Modularity

(11 months ago)
The Magic of ModularityModularity is a tricky task when it comes to interior lighting. It’s very hit or miss – not for Klaudia Żmuda, who designed and built the...

An Ode to the Pencil

(11 months ago)
An Ode to the PencilWhether it’s for architecture, product design, literature or music, the pencil has been the flint to the fire of creation for ages. However, times are changing...

Stay Safe, Stay Stylish

(11 months ago)
Stay Safe, Stay StylishSmart home security is evolving every year to become more discrete and have a more integrated feel to the home environment. It’s not an easy task...

Eat and Grow!

(11 months ago)
Eat and Grow!You’ve gotta eat to grow and now you can grow after you eat! Perfect for kids, this cleverly designed lunchbox does double duty as both an...

Rockin’ Kids Furniture

(11 months ago)
Rockin’ Kids FurnitureThe latest in MICUNA’s lux line of playful children’s furniture, the Swing collection is a sophisticated set that looks right at home in any nursery or...

The Lego of Safety Helmets

(11 months ago)
The Lego of Safety HelmetsSafety is paramount when it comes to construction yet the accessibility to safety equipment can be limited or intended for specific use cases – this can...