Design archive for 2017-10-03

Underwater Movie Magic for Kids

(11 months ago)
Underwater Movie Magic for KidsThe only thing that makes underwater playtime more fun is by reliving it! Now, kids can do so with the 360° Underwater Toy Action Cam. This...

Charge this Smartwatch Every 2 Years

(11 months ago)
Charge this Smartwatch Every 2 YearsThere’s the glorious past… the traditional Swiss-made watch. The forgotten past… the digital watch. The innovative future… a miniature computer for a watch. And the appropriate...

Drive Away Dehydration

(11 months ago)
Drive Away DehydrationOver the past few years, several techie products have been launched to combat dehydration. As we know from various journals, dehydration leads to a severe lack...

The No-Burn Iron

(11 months ago)
The No-Burn IronThe resting upright design of current clothing irons leaves pets and kids susceptible to dangerous burns. The PUSHE iron, however, introduces an innovative and intuitive new...

It’s Time to Get Lost

(11 months ago)
It’s Time to Get LostSuunto have been the world leaders of sports precision watches for quite some time now so it comes as no surprise that when they release something...

A Work-space Wonderland

(11 months ago)
A Work-space WonderlandWith work life becoming more digitally accessible – the work space becomes even more and more portable. Having the ability to set up and work anywhere...