Design archive for 2017-10-04

The Name’s Neptune, Project Neptune

(3 years ago)
The Name’s Neptune, Project NeptuneThink submarines. What’s the first image that comes to mind? Is it that dark elongated World War 2 styled sub gliding through the water? I can...

The Light of Hope

(3 years ago)
The Light of HopeA light bulb went off in the minds of 3 designers and the idea was that it’s time to rethink the light bulb. Designed as a...

This Dryer Sucks

(3 years ago)
This Dryer SucksIn the best way possible! You visit the restroom, wash up, and then go to dry only to have hurricane-worthy winds blast the water off your...

You Won’t See this on a Catwalk

(3 years ago)
You Won’t See this on a CatwalkThe future of wearables has arrived and my goodness does it look well. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (GATP) have been working on the future...

A Glass Full of Class

(3 years ago)
A Glass Full of ClassWhiskey tumblers are a cool glass to sip from. There’s no way one could walk around with one, sipping on whiskey without giving off that smoldering...

The Future of Safety Looks Bright

(3 years ago)
The Future of Safety Looks BrightWelding is something that will always look cool from the outside looking in, but what’s not cool is the the high UV/IR radiation and the toxic...