Design archive for 2017-10-09

No Keyboard, No Problem

(3 years ago)
No Keyboard, No ProblemYes, that’s right, you’re seeing a BlackBerry phone that doesn’t have a keyboard. Who thought we would ever see the day. With the advances being made...

A Smart Solution for Transfusion

(3 years ago)
A Smart Solution for TransfusionMost IV systems utilize gravity infusion to deliver blood and medicine, but this solution lacks viability in certain cases. Designed with this in mind, the PIVS...

Non-violent Non-silent World War Pen!

(3 years ago)
Non-violent Non-silent World War Pen!Inspired by an era embroiled in war and espionage, by a time that saw the birth of incredible tactics and technology for military purposes, the GP1945...

This Could Be the End of Personal Vehicles

(3 years ago)
This Could Be the End of Personal VehiclesAltern isn’t quite a bus, but it’s not quite a train! Instead, this transportation hybrid takes the best qualities of both to maximize the existing urban...

Your Own Homegrown Veggie Zone

(3 years ago)
Your Own Homegrown Veggie ZoneIn today’s society, it’s easy to forget about eating the right things. There’s often a time I’ll find myself making a sandwich and look to the...

The Future of Digi-vision!

(3 years ago)
The Future of Digi-vision!As someone who’s been a lifelong sufferer of deteriorating vision, I can testify that no mix of glasses and corrective lenses is enough to get it...