Design archive for 2017-10-18

One small step for man, one beautiful table for mankind

(11 months ago)
One small step for man, one beautiful table for mankindOur fascination with the cosmos is far from ending… We saw the Mars Chair just hours back and now we look at undeniably the most interesting...

Pick Your Plug

(11 months ago)
Pick Your PlugIf you’ve ever used a power strip or extension cord, you know that it can be a crazy game of Tetris with all those awkward shaped...

Save Me a Seat on Mars

(11 months ago)
Save Me a Seat on MarsHell bent on getting to Mars, there appears to be a race for who can create passenger/colonizing trips there first – with Space X seemingly launching...

Some Things are Worth the Wait

(11 months ago)
Some Things are Worth the WaitWith the Frankfurt Motor Show just having passed and the Tokyo Motor Show just literally days away, there is undoubtedly a lot of hype this time...

Who needs Radioshack?

(11 months ago)
Who needs Radioshack?You’re pulling an all-nighter. You’ve got a deadline to meet and all the coffee by your side to keep you in focus. Then, just as Murphy...

This wood panel plays MP3s

(11 months ago)
This wood panel plays MP3sTurn that blank piece of wall into art. Not just visual, but also auditory! Room One’s Surface Bluetooth Speaker looks like a wonderful curved wooden ply...