Design archive for 2017-10-24

The Latest Alexa-Equipped Audio

(3 years ago)
The Latest Alexa-Equipped AudioFrom the designers of the original Boom speaker comes the latest evolution in the Ultimate Ears lineup. Called Blast and Megablast, the additions come in two...

The Wasp Has a New Sting

(3 years ago)
The Wasp Has a New StingThe past month has seen the many, many unveilings of the world’s largest car brands, sharing with us their sights into the future. With this, we’ve...

This Headset Does VR the Correct Way

(3 years ago)
This Headset Does VR the Correct Way“Would you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly?” says the narrator in the video above rather convincingly, and I can’t help but...

Can your smartphone repel mosquitoes??

(3 years ago)
Can your smartphone repel mosquitoes??I’m standing on a fine line between highly amused and highly impressed with the LG K7i. Coming from India, and a scenario where necessity is the...

Recycling Never Felt So Good

(3 years ago)
Recycling Never Felt So GoodI admire the Nook chair not only for its superb style but also its story. It contrasting shell is made of a felt material manufactured from...