Design archive for 2017-11-03

Time, illuminated.

(2 weeks ago)
Time, illuminated.Inspired by the unique connection between light and time, Saturn is a pendant lamp that will both illuminate your space and provide a way to tell...

Ping-pong, all day long!

(2 weeks ago)
Ping-pong, all day long!We’re a weirdly adorable generation. We eat on the sofa (while watching TV), and we play ping pong on our dinner tables! Pongo may just be...

More Than Just Juice

(2 weeks ago)
More Than Just JuiceThe juicing fad drives me bananas! People do it when they’re on a health kick but little do they know they’re trading all that raw beneficial...

This book is literally a camera!

(2 weeks ago)
This book is literally a camera!I’ve seen some crazy pop-up books, but nothing quite as crazy as this one. Most pop-up books are just three dimensional comics, but this right here...