Design archive for 2017-11-06

Privacy made Portable!

(2 weeks ago)
Privacy made Portable!When closed, the Alcove looks like any regular slim bag that’s carrying either your work files or your laptop. However, fold open the flaps and the...

If Muji made televisions

(2 weeks ago)
If Muji made televisionsI vividly remember absolutely hating Samsung’s Serif TV. I loved the idea of designing a television to fit into a Scandinavian/Japanese styled home, but as far...

A leather robe for the iPhone X

(2 weeks ago)
A leather robe for the iPhone XThe problem with leather initially was that it was a 2 dimensional fabric. You couldn’t really wrap leather around curves without causing it to kink or...

Don’t Stresso with this Espresso

(2 weeks ago)
Don’t Stresso with this EspressoThe past few years have seen the coffee brew devices market explode thanks to the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can now enjoy the same...

Autonomously Driving Transport Forward

(2 weeks ago)
Autonomously Driving Transport ForwardOnly earlier in the month, Germany hit the headlines with their PostBOT automated postal delivery assistant – and now they’ve done it again. German transport company...

This Drive is Just Delish!

(2 weeks ago)
This Drive is Just Delish!This quirky design called “Dimsum” is a bite-size twist on solid-state storage! The compact drive sports a soft silicone skin that almost feels like jiaozi dumpling....