Design archive for 2017-11-07

Smashing Assistive Tech Stigma

(2 years ago)
Smashing Assistive Tech StigmaThis thoughtful design by Julia Marina Cunha forces us to examine our attitudes about hearing disabilities. For years, hearing aid designs have gotten “better” by blending...

The Fourth Dimension… in 3D!

(2 years ago)
The Fourth Dimension… in 3D!Until now we’ve only looked at time in a two dimensional representation. Hands move around a flat dial, numbers show up on a flat screen. Time...

Hammering Home a New Design Language

(2 years ago)
Hammering Home a New Design LanguageMoving away from the more over-designed, intimidating and aggressive design language of modern household tools, Abidur Chowdhury has designed revolutionized the image of the conventional DIY...

Autonomous Awesomeness

(2 years ago)
Autonomous AwesomenessAt first thought, the idea of an autonomous race car seems like a hard sell. However, that all changes when you see what the cars could...

These headphones can train your brain

(2 years ago)
These headphones can train your brainYou know how people achieve great feats by putting mind over matter? A mother can lift an entire car to save her baby, a man can...