Design archive for 2017-11-09

Simply pull to save a life

(11 months ago)
Simply pull to save a lifeMany times, the thing that’s designed to save you becomes the very thing that puts you into danger. The seat belt, designed to protect you during...

The Watch that Ruled Kickstarter

(11 months ago)
The Watch that Ruled KickstarterWhat can you really say about a watch that has gained so much popularity in the past few weeks that it managed to raise over €2,500,000...

Suturing for Dummies

(11 months ago)
Suturing for DummiesWhen it comes to stitches and staples, you want quick and painless! However, not every doctor or nurse is an expert at suturing and the last...

An Enhancement to Working from Home

(11 months ago)
An Enhancement to Working from HomeIt doesn’t matter how interconnected your devices are, how tight your scheduling skills might be, or how organized you think you are… the juggle struggle is...

Literally a Bat-Signal!

(11 months ago)
Literally a Bat-Signal!No, this isn’t a device to summon Bruce Wayne’s suit-donning crime-fighting alter-ego. The Echo Meter Touch is in every literal sense, a bat detecting device that...