Design archive for 2017-11-14

These typefaces are eye-conic!

(3 years ago)
These typefaces are eye-conic!Maggie’s clever attention to detail results in one of the most unusually beautiful design crossovers in recent times. Typography and spectacle design have quite a bit...

The Mountains Have Never Been This Calming

(3 years ago)
The Mountains Have Never Been This CalmingHere’s why the Aroma Mountain is such an endearing product. Not only does it make the natural association between smoke and mountains/volcanoes, it’s also safe. Incense...

The Extraordinary Exterion

(3 years ago)
The Extraordinary ExterionElegance, charm, luxury, and sophistication – these are only a few words used to describe the design language found across a Rolls-Royce. It’s not easy to...

Sit back and escape the cacophony

(3 years ago)
Sit back and escape the cacophonyIt’s difficult to find a quiet minute to yourself or for a one-on-one conversation in almost environment. Privacy and noise always play a factor in trying...

This pen breaks all the ‘rules’!

(3 years ago)
This pen breaks all the ‘rules’!For the perfectionist at heart, or a designer who loves their numbers (design engineers, I’m looking at you!), the Messograf pen does something no other writing...

A watch for vampires!

(3 years ago)
A watch for vampires!Clock design comes a ‘full circle’ with the V-Watch. Taking the earliest image of the clock (the sundial) and using it’s principle in a watch, the...