Design archive for 2017-11-18

The 250 Year-old Scissor Gets an Upgrade

(3 years ago)
The 250 Year-old Scissor Gets an UpgradeHere at YD, we focus on the innovative, but every now and then we come back to the classics. The EXO scissors however, are a healthy...

Fitness-tracking foot-fabric!

(3 years ago)
Fitness-tracking foot-fabric!We’ve come a long way to have socks that are also Fitness Trackers. Unlike the ones that strap to your wrist, just giving you a fraction...

Supercharge your Smartphone!

(3 years ago)
Supercharge your Smartphone!If you’re a die-hard Tesla fan after yesterday’s absolutely mind-melting presentation, you’re not the only one! Carry around a part of the automobile giant’s legacy around...