Design archive for 2017-12-01

A chair with flair!

(2 years ago)
A chair with flair!You could say that I’m a ‘fan’ of chairs like this! The Quetzal chair designed by Marc Venot for Missana comes in a flowery design with...

The complete antithesis of the iPhone

(2 years ago)
The complete antithesis of the iPhoneThe PocketC.H.I.P. is basically the one gadget I wished I had when I was 12. There’s so much to love about everything that constitutes the PocketC.H.I.P....

A Pot for Thirsty Plants

(2 years ago)
A Pot for Thirsty PlantsIs your green thumb more like the kiss of death?! If so, the Lander Planter is for you. Forgetting to water is the number one killer...

Designed to deliver!

(2 years ago)
Designed to deliver!I find myself seeing more Amazon packages being delivered than ordinary postage these days. And with all the hype around delivery drones at the moment, it’s...

Radio with a shape like no other

(2 years ago)
Radio with a shape like no otherWith the speaker market becoming ever so more densely populated, it’s as though semantics and novelties have gone out the window regarding eye-catching differential design. Jimin...