Design archive for 2017-12-04

What makes this car a Lamborghini?

(2 years ago)
What makes this car a Lamborghini?The Urus has been a long time coming! Especially since it’s initial reveal in 2012, Lamborghini casually dropped hints every few years, indicating a 2018 release...

A Wildly Wonderful Wheelchair

(2 years ago)
A Wildly Wonderful WheelchairUnimpressed by the sterile vibe of existing wheelchair models, designers Hoyoung Youn, Sungyub Lee, and Jiyoon Han looked to Barcelona’s Dosnovento bicycle brand as inspiration for...

The Enchanted Coloring Book that Comes to Life!

(2 years ago)
The Enchanted Coloring Book that Comes to Life!Children love to live in the world of make-believe. They do this so that they can live a life they dream of or bring their creative...

The Basic Bic Just Got Better!

(2 years ago)
The Basic Bic Just Got Better!Bic is the timeless go-to writing utensil for writers, designers, teachers and students, but the brand has yet to venture into making other office supplies. This...

Gothic Givenchy Goggles

(2 years ago)
Gothic Givenchy GogglesVirtual reality… how could something so cool look so uncool?! Until now, that is. Introducing, Givenchy VR, also known as Ombré. Taking on VR would be...

NASA reinvented the Wheel!

(2 years ago)
NASA reinvented the Wheel!The year is 2017 and NASA have just reinvented the wheel. Glenn Research engineers have just unveiled a new super-elastic tire constructed from nickel titanium, a...