Design archive for 2017-12-08

Like Guitar Hero for your Ukulele!

(11 months ago)
Like Guitar Hero for your Ukulele!I recently tried my hand at the Ukulele, and being a guitarist myself, two things instantly came to mind. How difficult it is to wrap your...

A Bachelor-approved Appliance

(11 months ago)
A Bachelor-approved ApplianceTux seems like it was designed solely to enhance your Netflix and chill sesh! The hybrid appliance combine heating and cooling elements in one compact unit...

The Tesla Kiler

(11 months ago)
The Tesla KilerDesigner Dejan Hristov calls it the “Tesla Killer” but it is, in fact, still a Tesla! I think what he means is that it aims to...

A dream on two wheels

(11 months ago)
A dream on two wheelsThe future of motorcycles has been widely publicized recently with the Tokyo Motor Show and various others. As to what direction is the right direction for...

Definitely mightier than the sword

(11 months ago)
Definitely mightier than the swordProbably the classiest looking tactical pen out there, the Zero Tolerance #0010EB Tactical Pen looks as if a CNC machine performed ballet pirouettes on a block...

Kitchen fumes, begone!

(11 months ago)
Kitchen fumes, begone!It’s no surprise the Portable Kitchen Hood made its way to the James Dyson Awards. It’s innovative, enriches lives, and looks so much like my favorite...