Design archive for 2017-12-20

The future of buses is without drivers

(2 years ago)
The future of buses is without driversThere seems to be a lot of hype and talk about personal autonomous vehicles, and rightly so – but now comes the time for autonomous public...


(2 years ago)
Tilt-a-TimeThis alarm clock design by Hojung Cha is as smart as it is cute! Designed like a switch, it makes it possible to control your alarm...

Healthy Hydration Habits Your Way

(2 years ago)
Healthy Hydration Habits Your WayAs simple as it might seem, the many different ways people enjoy their water are complex in variety! The FAMILY water purifier was designed with this...

The Bear Grylls of the speaker world

(2 years ago)
The Bear Grylls of the speaker worldYour speaker may be waterproof, but is it ‘use-as-a-piñata’ proof? Or ‘fling-out-your-window’ proof? Is it at least ‘drive-your-car-over-it’ proof? Your speaker may be waterproof, but it...

Resurgence of the Record Player

(2 years ago)
Resurgence of the Record PlayerJust because you’re a record collector doesn’t necessarily mean you’re interior style is hipster-vintage (although it’s usually a pretty good indicator!). For those of us who...

70s Kids Will Remember This!

(2 years ago)
70s kids will remember this!Atari dominated the 1970s with games and consoles that delighted everyone for over a decade. In fact, some may say Atari even gave us Apple Computers...