Design archive for 2017-12-21

Design that went from Grave to Cradle

(2 years ago)
Design that went from Grave to CradleThe Phoenix Chair is called so because it rises from the ashes of the chair before it. Tasked with using the rusty framework from the Sorbetto...

Do Hue have the Time?

(2 years ago)
Do Hue have the Time?Time is precious, and many of us have our own perceptions on telling it. Whether that be the color of the sky, the dial on a...

Reality like we’ve never seen before

(2 years ago)
Reality like we’ve never seen beforeHighly anticipated and like nothing we’ve ever seen before – the Magic Leap Mixed Reality Goggles. Having raised close to 2 Billion dollars since 2011, this...

The ‘NIU’ face of scooters!

(2 years ago)
The ‘NIU’ face of scooters!An upgrade from the N1, Niu Innovation Lab delivers another exceptional two-wheeler but this time really adding an element of sex appeal to it. Ditching some...