Design archive for 2018-02-05

Moto Guzzi’s Moto-makeover

(2 years ago)
Moto Guzzi’s Moto-makeoverStarted from the bottom, now we’re here. A phrase I’m almost certain the guys over at NCS Proto & Style were saying after developing two completely...

Putting the “Space” in Workspace

(2 years ago)
Putting the “Space” in WorkspaceFor a person who sees the bigger picture, who isn’t afraid to think big, and whose imagination is as uncontainable as the universe, the DeskSpace is...

An actually ‘active’ action camera!

(2 years ago)
An actually ‘active’ action camera!The point of your action camera is to capture your memories wherever you go. The key words there are “wherever you go”. That’s what the purpose...

You’ll never waste food again!

(2 years ago)
You’ll never waste food again!Population increases, lifestyles evolve, consumption increases… But what do we do with all the leftover waste? One downfall of city-living is the inability to effectively dispose...

A classic revisited

(2 years ago)
A classic revisitedThere are various methods of conceptual designing and brand aesthetics that go into creating timeless pieces of automotive design. And while it may be hard to...