Design archive for 2018-02-20

This EDC is your key to freedom

(2 years ago)
This EDC is your key to freedomIntroduce one, just one Evade Clip into any kidnapping movie and its outcome would be completely different. That’s because, just as its name suggests, the Evade...

Chandeliers from the future!

(2 years ago)
Chandeliers from the future!A silver winner of the LG OLED Design Competition, the Versailles Chandelier by Alexandre Boucher mixes history with the future. It uses flexible OLED technology to...

A Sculptural Twist on the Speaker

(2 years ago)
A Sculptural Twist on the SpeakerThis has gotta be one of the most beautiful and bizarre standalone speakers we’ve ever seen! It explores using narrow, rolled strips of beech wood to...

This card case is a single leather piece

(2 years ago)
This card case is a single leather pieceIt’s incredible what one can achieve out of a single piece of leather. The Tsutumu card holder is made from a stamped piece of leather. That’s...

Car-charging Drones of the Future

(2 years ago)
Car-charging Drones of the FutureI love the concept of e-cars for their environmental friendliness but, honestly, my advice would be to never date someone who drives one! My partner’s e-car...

World’s tiniest life-jacket

(2 years ago)
World’s tiniest life-jacketThe Ploota is remarkable for a lot of reasons. The Sensor Controlled Swimming Safety Device sits around your neck, and will trigger when it comes in...