Design archive for 2018-03-08

The Walkman, Reimagined

(2 years ago)
The Walkman, ReimaginedThe designers at PDF Haus love a throwback! So, for this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re checking out their tribute to the original Sony Walkman. Unlike the one from...

iPhone on the front, Gameboy on the back!

(2 years ago)
iPhone on the front, Gameboy on the back!I’d say this was “hand’s down” the best iPhone case I’ve seen, but those words wouldn’t really be accurate because, with this case, your hands are...

A Self-leveling Clock

(2 years ago)
A Self-leveling ClockThere’s no hiding things with the aptly named PEG clock. This minimalistic design puts its unique mounting method on display as part of the aesthetic. Its...

Fine Craftsmanship in the Crowdfunding World

(2 years ago)
Fine Craftsmanship in the Crowdfunding WorldIt’s worth noting that the crowdfunding boom has done three things. It’s empowered the individuals with A. more options, B. brands and products that are more...

Drive Your Parents Crazy… Literally!

(2 years ago)
Drive Your Parents Crazy… Literally!The Piggyback Driver is a hilarious design that means big fun for little ones! You can instantly transform mom or dad into your personal “vehicle” when...

An awesome-looking awesome-sounding bike bell

(2 years ago)
An awesome-looking awesome-sounding bike bellThe title pretty much says what I have to about Spurcycle’s bell. It’s refreshingly different, with its clean look, clean sound, and compact size. It is...