Design archive for 2018-04-02

Non-electric waterpik!

(11 months ago)
Non-electric waterpik!The Pocket Flosser is the perfect addition to the Be. toothbrush, giving you the best electric oral care experience without electricity or batteries. Using ingenuity, and...

A rectangular Pokéball for pigments

(11 months ago)
A rectangular Pokéball for pigmentsSmaller, sleeker, and much more powerful than its predecessor, the Pico is our favorite Cube’s younger sibling. The size of your finger, Pico puts color knowledge...

The Digital Nomad 35 Has a Pocket for Everything!

(11 months ago)
The Digital Nomad 35 Has a Pocket for Everything!Whether you’re a minimalist, or the kind to carry your life around with you, the Digital Nomad 35 backpack has a way of fulfilling your needs....

Waterbook: Whadda Notebook!

(11 months ago)
Waterbook: Whadda Notebook!Sure, the Waterbook notebook concept is minimalistic, matte, and has all the aesthetic touches you might look for in a distinctly PC laptop. However, what sets...

Freshen Up Fast

(11 months ago)
Freshen Up FastDesigned as an intermediate solution between dry cleanings, the Wearoff is an uber-convenient appliance you can quickly use to freshen clothes. The barely-there unit’s vertical form...

Meditation Rocks!

(11 months ago)
Meditation Rocks!Meditation isn’t something to be rushed and holding your body in the correct position for an extensive period of time isn’t at all easy. However, UNDO...