Design archive for 2018-04-04

A glass house that uses nature as its decor

(2 years ago)
A glass house that uses nature as its decorTo be honest, with the amount of natural beauty Iceland has to offer, and with its 300K (that’s the entire country), ceilings and walls are A....

Best of Modularity

(2 years ago)
Best of ModularityIn the modern age, ‘modular’ is the buzz-word in interior designing and has trickled down to many home elements like modular-storage, modular-beds, modular-kitchens and now –...

It’s 2018. Stop Paying for Bottled Water.

(2 years ago)
It’s 2018. Stop Paying for Bottled Water.Even if you dispose of one… Just one plastic bottle a week. That’s 52 in a year (without counting soft drinks and other beverages). I could...

A Bowl Sans Hands

(2 years ago)
A Bowl Sans HandsSometimes all it takes is a simple tweak to an ordinary design to make it usable for a person with physical restrictions. The Arm Use Basin,...

The Swiss Army Knife of Suitcases

(2 years ago)
The Swiss Army Knife of SuitcasesDesigned with the intention of making traveling a far less stressful experience, ESCAPE makes all previous suitcases suddenly feel almost prehistoric! Air travel is renowned for...

View Your Phone Differently

(2 years ago)
View Your Phone DifferentlyA phone which is perpendicular to your eye line is never going to offer you the ultimate viewing experience and you aren’t likely to stare directly...