Design archive for 2018-05-11

Buttons from the future don’t need sewing on

(2 years ago)
Buttons from the future don’t need sewing onThink ‘zip-tie for buttons’ and you’ll get the brainwave that is the FastButton. Designed to be an easy, effective, and needle-free solution for a popped button,...

The Sneaker you Can Go Swimming In

(2 years ago)
The Sneaker you Can Go Swimming InThe Tropic Shoe was made to be worn everywhere… and that’s including being worn underwater. Designed to be an all round shoe, the Tropic cleverly tackles...

The Wonder Washer

(2 years ago)
The Wonder WasherThis is utilitarianism at its finest! A simple bend in shape transforms a regular ‘ol washer into a versatile, multifunctional tool you can use anywhere for...

Scooter Chic

(2 years ago)
Scooter ChicThe latest from Id STONE, the YELU electric scooter is all about aesthetic and material contrast. It fuses modern e-drive tech and an advanced interface with...

An Avant-Garde Wall Organizer

(2 years ago)
An Avant-Garde Wall OrganizerMany people love an organized desk or workspace but unfortunately, I’m not one of them, however this doesn’t stop me from wanting this wall organizer! With...

Say Buh-bye to the Bezel!

(2 years ago)
Say Buh-bye to the Bezel!The moment phones couldn’t get any thinner, manufacturers started trying to stretch screen sizes as if they were infinity pools. The challenge, however, has been trying...