Design archive for 2018-07-26

Motorola’s Polaroid mod brings your digital selfies to life

(2 years ago)
Motorola’s Polaroid mod brings your digital selfies to lifeYou have to appreciate Motorola for absolutely nailing its mods game. While the Essential Phone and RED’s Hydrogen Phone made lofty promises but never delivered on...

The Pen That’s Fit For Any Occasion!

(2 years ago)
The Pen That’s Fit For Any Occasion!A pen is something that we all use, and believe it or not it can say a lot about our personality. So, the ZeroHour Apex Bolt...

Activewear for Active Chefs

(2 years ago)
Activewear for Active ChefsOnly since shows like Iron Chef and Hell’s Kitchen have we begun to understand the marathon taking place behind a restaurant’s swinging backdoors. It involves a...

Double the screens, double the productivity

(2 years ago)
Double the screens, double the productivityA notable difference between the DUO secondary monitor for your laptop and any other secondary monitor is the design-thinking behind the product in question. A laptop...

Brace yourself. Jet-suits are here!

(2 years ago)
Brace yourself. Jet-suits are here!In all honesty, I expected Elon Musk to develop this, and give us complete Tony Stark feels, but nevertheless… Gravity Industries have rolled out a prototype...

A ‘stellar’ looking telescope

(2 years ago)
A ‘stellar’ looking telescopeThere’s something clearly refreshing about the Znth AR Telescope. Its exterior looks so organic, it feels less like a highly precise piece of stargazing equipment, and...