Design archive for 2018-11-23

A Purifier That Demands Attention!

(10 months ago)
A Purifier That Demands Attention!We’ve seen a whole variety of conceptual designs for air purifiers, but none of them have quite had the same mesmerizing aesthetic that Inhale carries. The...

The Super-light Superlight

(10 months ago)
The Super-light SuperlightAptly named for both its barely-there form and superb functionality, the Superlight is a minimalistic take on the task light. Reduced to the essentials, its slim...

Bag a Black Friday Special with the Sexy FLECTR Reflectors

(10 months ago)
Bag a Black Friday Special with the Sexy FLECTR ReflectorsCycling your way to fitness or to work, is certainly on the rise and I’m trusting your knowledge on the environment and health impact it has,...

The slimmest instant-camera ever made

(10 months ago)
The slimmest instant-camera ever madeThe M24.004 (that’s probably a codename) comes with an incredibly sleek design that’s thanks to a few key features. It lays its components out in a...

You won’t roll dice the same way again

(10 months ago)
You won’t roll dice the same way againA pretty nifty way to roll your dice, the Dice Tower is a 3D printed medieval tower provides a rustic spiral staircase for your dice to...