Design archive for 2018-12-06

If Bumblebee were a two-wheeler

(9 months ago)
If Bumblebee were a two-wheelerCommissioned by Boneheart for a custom motorbike lottery, deBolex decided to reinvent the Yamaha MT-10, a bike with a future-forward, aggressive body, giving it a custom...

Stickies on a Roll!

(9 months ago)
Stickies on a Roll!What good is a sticky note without a pen? With the Moment Pen, you never have to ask that question. The two-in-one design combines both into...

Radio At Its Roots

(9 months ago)
Radio At Its RootsDespite the rise of digital audio, radio still remains one of the most powerful communication tools of the 21st century, and for some, the simplicity of...

The Gentleman’s e-Unicycle

(9 months ago)
The Gentleman’s e-UnicycleIf you’ve started to see those one-wheeled scooter designs zipping around your neighborhood, you know they all seem to fall into the “futuristic” category… but not...

A Stool For Sitting and Sweating

(9 months ago)
A Stool For Sitting and SweatingDon’t feel bad about having gym phobia, get your hands on the Fitness Stool! The concept explores what happens when exercise equipment meets furniture design. Usable...

The YD Guide to Pocket Knife Design

(9 months ago)
The YD Guide to Pocket Knife DesignWe’ve covered quite a few EDC knives over the years without realizing that there’s no resource that guides you through the types of knives. Knife blades...