Fun and Interesting archive for 2010-11-02

Right, who’s next? Evil-looking giant frog pictured eating tiny rodent alive

(9 years ago)
This danger mouse met a sticky end when crossing the path of the voracious African bull frog. The pimpled and veiny behemoth has the self-satisfied air of one who takes pleasure in eating a hearty meal, even if it is a live rodent struggling for survival. These carnivorous amphibians have an aggressive temper, can jump [...]

Five Perverted, Gross, and Bizarre Halloween Candies

(9 years ago)
Halloween is coming up, which means one thing: a prime opportunity to steal candy from children, er, send your kids (or your friends’ kids) trick or treating. Most likely, they’ll return with the “treat” part of the equation, but occasionally things go wrong. Like if they return with one of these. 1. Camel Balls No, [...]

Crimescene hopscotch

(9 years ago)